Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The annual Giant Cuttlefish gathering near Whyalla in South Australia, is absolutely spectacular. What’s a lot less fun, is squeezing yourself into a wet suit and getting in to the freezing cold water to see them. And thanks to our glass-bottom boat tours you don’t have to! We let you stay warm and dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles.


Bottom Boat Experience

By the time the Giant Cuttlefish arrive, the water is absolutely freezing! Sure, some people snorkel or dive, but if you want all the thrills with none of the shivering, our glass-bottom boat tour is for you! Even better, we can easily cover a lot more area along the coast to find the best congregations of Giant Cuttlefish and other sea life so you have the best possible experience.


About Giant Cuttlefish

Each year between May and August, tens of thousands of Australian Giant Cuttlefish descend on the coastline of Whyalla for their annual ritual of mating and spawning. This phenomenon is the greatest mass gathering of these incredible creatures anywhere
on Earth and attracts thousands of people from all over the world to witness these brightly coloured ‘chameleons of the sea’ as they change colour, shape and texture to blend in with their surroundings. Now we can offer you the easiest, warmest and most comfortable way to enjoy this incredible spectacle. 

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